2018.1.13 - Compilation release still pending, spent much of 2017 working on new live performance setup with a modular synthesizer for two shows at Yamaha Ginza. Will probably focus on new release from live recordings.

2016.6.22 - Finished music for two different projects: music for a video by Hitoshi Akayama and special music for physical training. Now working on revamping old works for compilation release and new live setup.

2015.2.6 - Finished violin solo work, back to working on compilation release!

2014.9.28 - Had a very busy year so far with university work, but I am working on the compilation release (with new arrangements and remixes) as well as a new violin solo work set to be premiered early 2015.

2014.1.6 - So for this year, currently thinking of putting together a release compiling works done with Elaine Thomazi Freitas and others!

2013.12.9 - Wow, another year. After performing at the SinusTon festival last year, was quite busy with new duties at the university. But now just finished new work for piano and electronics for Mari Asakawa to be premiered on Dec. 15 in Shibuya, Tokyo.

2012.9.29 - Preparing work for the SinusTon festival, now titled "Impetus Angularis."

2012.8.3 - Next big project: finish long-ish work with Elaine Thomazi Freitas. The performance is set for the SinusTon festival (Oct. 18-20) in Magdeburg, Germany.

2012.5.19 - Wow, already almost half a year since my last entry, but a lot of things! Finished new piece for piano, percussion and electronics for a charity concert at sonorium in early May, and had a revision of a work for Synapse for a performance in February, with another slight revision for a performance on May 24th!

2011.12.30 - Well, a very busy year with music activities, especially considering the earthquake and related problems: first new instrumental piece in a long time, performing gig, making long piece for dance collaboration, etc. 2012 already looks like it will be an interesting year as well, with at least two events already scheduled! Also, if everything goes well, another album project...?

2011.8.13 - Now working on new music for Synapse's 10 year anniversary show in October... 20+ minutes of music for a new dance piece with Saya Tamagawa, Taiju Matsumoto and Minami Tamagawa. More info on synapse's website here.

2011.7.2 - Had a performance of various works at Yamaha Ginza for a multimedia event. Among pieces performed: Ascendant/Descendant (with Mari Asakawa on piano, Hanako Nakamura on sho, and video by Elaine Thomazi Freitas), Pacifica (with new laser and light art by Keiichi Tanaka and Erina Kashihara), and Ambient Tide.

2011.5.18 - Did a last minute gig in Tokyo on 5.15 improvising music for A Scattered State of Silence, a ~30min. performance organized by Dance Theatre Ludens and directed by Ted Stoffer. Lots of fun!

2011.3.23 - Doing OK in Tokyo after big quake.

2011.1.17 - Another review for Dislocated, in Italian again, on

2011.1.11 - Just finished the score for a new work for piano (Mari Asakawa) and sho (Hanako Nakamura), Ascendant/Descendant, for a concert in Tokyo on Jan. 30th! This is also a collaboration with Elaine Thomazi Freitas, who created the video for the work. It's been a long time since I've done an instrumental work! The concert also features new works by composers Miyuki Ito and Takuya Imahori, with video collaborations with Jun Kurumisawa and Yoshihito Nakanishi. The concert will be at sonorium, a relatively new small hall in Eifukucho.

2010.10.24 - I recently received a scan of my interview for Blow Up magazine. It's in Italian, but I'll try to get an English version up soon. You can read it at the comatonse website here or at my site here.

2010.10.18 - Details are still to be decided, but soon I'll be starting up work for a new piece to be performed in Tokyo early next year. It's an instrumental piece, so I get to practice using the notation software on my computer...

2010.9.26 - Back from CA, and after a few weeks of nonstop school-related work I actually have some time to go back to some projects!

2010.8.23 - Tokyo is quite hot this summer, so I'll be escaping to CA from the 27th until Sept. 7th. I recently received a scan of a review of Dislocated from the Italian print magazine Blow Up. You can read it at the comatonse website here or at my site here.

2010.7.09 - Back from NYC, finishing up with teaching for the semester, now gathering material for new stuff! CD is available online at a few various locations, with some interesting reviews too...

2010.5.30 - Heading to NYC! Trying out new performance rig for first time, performing with Elaine for the first time as well. Returning to Tokyo on June 7th.

2010.5.13 - It looks like there will be two performances in June (collaboration with Elaine Thomazi Freitas), June 2nd in NYC and June 5th in Stony Brook.

2010.4.11 - Now that the CD release is taken care of and online, I'll be focusing on getting things solid for a live performance collaboration with Elaine Thomazi Freitas in NY in June.

2010.3.26 - Dislocated released on Comatonse Recordings!

2010.3.23 - Dislocated to be released very soon! Final design by Terre Thaemlitz complete, and CD master is finished too!

2010.3.07 - Release edit version of title track, Dislocated, is finally finished! A bit longer than the original version, with a lot of changes here and there, but it's finally done.

2010.2.11 - After a very nice visit by composer and media artist Elaine Thomazi Freitas at the end of December through the beginning of January (, I've been able to do the extended version of the title track. Should have final touches for the release finished before mid-March...

2009.11.12 - Still working on title track. Also now integrating new equipment. CD master still on track to finish before the end of the year, but duplication might be happening at the beginning of 2010...

2009.8.31 - I'll be in the US from 9.1 to 9.16, first in NYC and the California Bay Area. Still working on a portion of Magic If, now titled Dislocated (it'll be the title track for the CD release).

2009.8.18 - New version of In The Shadows is finished with a new extended outro section, and now I'm working on remixing some portions of Magic If for the CD release.

2009.7.31 - Decided on a title for the CD release, with photography and design by Terre Thaemlitz. Getting pretty excited about things! Preview coming up soon!

2009.7.16 - Currently working on extended ambient remix of the coda section from In The Shadows.

2009.7.10 - Got a new computer recently. Migrating all my music stuff was actually not as painful as I thought. Copying tons of data files did take a bit of time though. My teaching duties are taking more of my attention as the semester gets close to the end, so work is going a little slowly. Currently juggling a bunch of little projects, mainly to get things ready for a CD.

2009.6.08 - I recently received video and some photos from the March performances of Magic If, so after some editing that will be available online soon.

2009.5.22 - Current works in progress: So now a lot of the content is in the website, and if possible I'll try to get more stuff in the Releases and Media section soon. But in the meantime, here is some information on my current projects:

  • The main big thing is compiling a bunch of pieces together for a CD release. Most of the pieces will be from collaborative projects over the years (primarily works with dance), but there will be at least one new track as well. The tentative plan is that the CD will have new remixed/rearranged versions of all the pieces.
  • I'm also finishing up a new electronic track that will be arranged for chamber ensemble and live electronics (Trilekta).
  • I am also trying to come up with an idea for a new project. That's still in the talking stage so far though...

2009.5.10 - New website up. It might take a little while to get all the content in. But if everything goes well, eventually there will be some audio and video to check out in the Releases and Media section.

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