full-length album, CD, 2010.

Comatonse Recordings, C.019, Japan, currently available

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The debut album by Johnathan F. Lee, compiling various works from installations and collaborative performances.

1. In The Shadows (5:37, 2008) (Excerpt) MP3 128kB/s 1:45 2.1MB
2. Dislocated (5:55, 2009-2010) (Excerpt) MP3 128kB/s 1:43 2.1MB
3. Ritual Roundabout (7:55, 2004) (Excerpt) MP3 128kB/s 1:31 2MB
4. Deconstructed Symbologies (8:54, 2003) (Excerpt) MP3 128kB/s 1:40 1.7MB
5. Pacifica (6:32, 2004) (Excerpt) MP3 128kB/s 1:47 2MB
6. Praeludium Ex Caelum (12:14, 2007) (Excerpt) MP3 128kB/s 1:37 1.9MB
7. Poursuite d'un mirage mécanique (9:14, 2008) (Excerpt) MP3 128kB/s 1:40 1.8MB
8. In the Shadows (Part 2) (4:51, 2009-2010) (Excerpt) MP3 128kB/s 1:34 1.5MB

Dislocated is the debut solo album by Johnathan F. Lee, compiling various works from installations and collaborative performances from the US, Europe, and Japan.

Ranging from avant-garde electroacoustic concert works to compositions from exhibitions and contemporary dance performances, Dislocated finally offers, in an album format, pieces that have been presented in a myriad of contexts dating from 2003 to the present. Crafted from a kaleidoscopic array of sources, the tracks offer fractured downtempo beats, splintered rhythms, and intense ambient soundscapes. Although taken from a range of different periods, all of the works explore and resynthesize a network of associations and disassociations, "dislocated" from disparate styles and contexts.

This multi-faceted approach is also reflected in the origins of the tracks themselves, as well as the diverse musical background of Lee. Focusing on the music taken from collaborations with other people in other disciplines and media (choreography, video, installations, and new media performances), Dislocated is one document of the intersection of disciplines that is a hallmark of Lee's work.

Lee's recent activities are primarily focused in the international academic community of computer music, where he works as an Assistant Professor and co-director of the Computer Music division in the Media Arts department at Tamagawa University in Tokyo, Japan. In addition to his involvement in academia, he has also worked in the past as a bassist and co-producer for the Freight Elevator Quartet. Collaborators in the fields of visual art, multimedia and dance include Samuel Bianchini, Elaine Thomazi Freitas, Jan Kopp, Ellis Wood, Keiichi Tanaka, Alex Abreu, Theresa Ling, Saya Tamagawa, and Meg Wolfe.

Dislocated was released by Comatonse Recordings, the private label of multi-genre electronic audio eclectic Terre Thaemlitz, on March 26, 2010.

Tracks 1 and 8 adapted from collaboration with Alex Abreu and Theresa Ling (visuals and choreography).
Tracks 2 and 6 adapted from collaborations with Saya Tamagawa (choreography).
Tracks 3, 4, and 5 adapted from collaborations with Theresa Ling (choreography).
Track 7 adapted from collaboration with Samuel Bianchini (video).
Tracks 6 and 7 reconstructed for stereo from 4-channel masters.

Produced, mixed and arranged by Johnathan F. Lee
(c)(p) 2010 J. F. Lee (BMI) johnathanflee.com
Photography & design by Terre Thaemlitz

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